Pre-clinical development through to commercial product manufacture.

Argenta: A Pharmaceutical CRO and CMO

Argenta offers a full range of contract services - from pre-clinical development through to commercial product manufacture and more. Our products and services are exported to more than 36 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Founded in 2006, with the combination of a successful pharmaceutical CRO and CMO, Argenta brings a substantial contract manufacturing facility and pharmaceutical research and development expertise together in one dynamic company.

Argenta specializes in animal health. Our operations are purpose-built for the creation of animal health products. Everything is targeted to the specific needs of this market– from our understanding of the problem, approaches to the solution, and the provision of manufactured products once commercialized.

Our vision is simple:

Argenta is to be the leading provider of new veterinary product development and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services to the international animal health industry.

To do this, Argenta strives to be both price-competitive and second-to-none in the service and quality of our products - whether they are veterinary manufacturing solutions, or animal health research data destined for inclusion in regulatory submissions. Also vital to our success is the assurance our clients have that their IP is carefully protected by Argenta.

Health & safety and environmental responsibility are also important factors that impact on how we conduct our business.

We're fresh. We're talented. We make things happen.

Business Model

Argenta is involved from opportunity assessment through to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for global supply.