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Argenta: A Global Partner

Argenta is privately owned and is an independent pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and pharmaceutical research and development organization (CRO). We operate in the global marketplace of international animal health research, veterinary product development, commercialization and GMP manufacturing.

Argenta Limited
2 Sterling Avenue
PO Box 75 340
Manurewa 2102
New Zealand
TEL. +64 9 250 3100
FAX. +64 9 268 1843

AlcheraBio (a subsidiary of Argenta)
91 Fieldcrest Ave, Suite 14
NJ 08837
TEL. +732 205 0192

2029 Becker Drive, Suite 227
KS 66047

Argenta Global’s head office is based in New Zealand; an English-speaking nation with very close cultural ties to the United Kingdom and the United States of America. New Zealand is extremely stable politically and has one of the fastest growing biotechnology and agri-tech sectors in the world.

New Zealand’s time zone means that we are 12 hours ahead of GMT and about a half working day ahead of the US Western time – facilitating tele-conferencing during office hours for our US client base.

Argenta’s founder and key executive team are New Zealanders who have spent time working at senior level in related industries overseas. They bring to Argenta their wealth of knowledge and experience.

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