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Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Argenta conducts pharmaceutical research and development work for clients around the world, from the very large to the very small. We have been chosen for our unique capabilities, our 'can- do' attitude, and our direct lines of communication. Argenta demonstrates an appreciation of and commitment to our clients' expectations and commercial imperatives.

Skill Base: Research & Manufacturing
Argenta Pharmaceutical Research and Development specializes in controlled release technologies and multi-active formulation development, and holds a number of patents in this area. Our Pharmaceutical R&D team is comprised of specialists in analysis, formulation and regulatory/CMC. Argenta also works with a number of clinical providers to assist with all the major development requirements to get a product to market more quickly.

A full service offering
Our business is about creating solutions – from concept to commercial reality. We have a proven ability to set realistic road maps, to meet deadlines and to achieve results. If your needs extend beyond R&D, Argenta is ideally positioned to assist. Our group-wide offering encompasses all the major development requirements to bring your product to market, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Direct Communication
Our channels of communication are open and direct. Our clients get to talk with the scientist at the bench; and regular reporting ensures the project is kept tracking forward.

Our small team structure encourages creativity and sharing of ideas and skills. There is a real sense of energy and enthusiasm among people who feel that their contributions are valued.

IP protection
We are stringent in our commitment to client security, confidentiality and protection of your intellectual property.